A Comprehensive Integration of All Aspects of
Heart Failure Management Into a Single Unified Solution

Healthcare is changing, prepare to lead.

Prevail Heart clinics offers unrivaled “specialist-assisted”
program to primary care providers serving in areas of
scarce or absent cardiovascular specialists, comprehensive
programs for existing cardiology practices, opportunities for
managed healthcare to increase quality while reducing costs
and assistance to home health and post acute care units
wanting to remain at the leading edge of chronic cardiovascular
care in the ever-changing healthcare environment.

Just what the doctor ordered.

The Prevail Solution: One size fits one…Our solution
addresses both the complex needs of patients and providers
through a technology assisted patient monitoring and
treatment system. How’d we do that?

Letting you focus on life.

The Prevail system provides a new level of care for
patients with chronic cardiovascular illness with the
benefit of fewer symptoms, lower healthcare costs,
improved physical function and an enhanced quality of life.